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CTHS Athletic Training room hours

11am-7pm Daily(M-F)

Hours are subject to change based upon game schedules.

CTHS Athletic Trainers

Ryan Hooke, LAT, ATC

Full-Time ATC

Ashley Nance, LAT, ATC

Part-Time ATC

What We Do

Our goal here is to best help your athlete manage their athletic injuries. Whether that entails us working with them to increase strength through therapeutic exercise, manage injuries in an acute stage, or help them back from more serious injuries that is why we are here. We are contracted through UCHealth, so we have a plethora of resources to help us best treat and determine your athlete’s possible injuries. If their injury is something minor like a grade 1 strain or sprain, we can handle most of those injuries within the training room. If an injury does occur and it is deemed that they will miss time we will contact you, most likely through email as it is the best form of contact for us. Their health is our number one priority, not whether the team succeeds or fails. As much as we would love to see our teams win and succeed here, we will never put your kid in a position where they will possibly injure themselves worse.

Concussion Policy

If a student-athlete sustains a concussion he/she is restricted from sport participation until clearance from a physician is obtained. This allows the brain to recover without the risk of re-injury. Early diagnosis and treatment of concussions typically results in faster, more complete healing. The school nurse, counseling department, and teachers are informed of the head injury in order to fully support the student during the period of recovery. Once the athlete is symptom-free and is cleared by a physician to start the Return to Play Protocol, the athlete will complete a 6-step graduated protocol before resuming full activity. This Protocol is supervised by the athletic trainers at CTHS. The athletic trainers are responsible for making all return to play decisions. Click here to read more about Concussion Return to Play Process.

Physician Release Following Injury

It is always your right as a parent to seek further medical care for your child if you have any doubts as to the seriousness of his/her injury. It is strongly recommended that you contact the sports medicine staff before taking your child to the physician of your choice. In most cases, the athletic trainer can treat your child on campus, eliminating the need for a doctor visit. When a physician visit is necessary the athletic trainer can provide a referral to a sports medicine doctor which often reduces unneeded waiting time. Any time you take your child to a physician for an injury or illness during the season, CTHS requires that you obtain in writing the doctor’s instructions for treatment and return to play guidelines for us to treat your child appropriately and legally. YOUR CHILD MAY NOT RETURN TO PLAY WITHOUT A WRITTEN RELEASE FROM THE PHYSICIAN.

Covid Return to Play Process

If your athlete happens to test positive for Covid-19, we will work in tandem with Tri-County Health and the school nurses to have that information shared with us. After their quarantine dates are fulfilled, they are mandated by the state to complete a graduated return to play protocol with us in the athletic training room after getting clearance from their physician. The protocol is a six-stage process that gradually increases activity to test the demand of exercise on their cardiovascular system. The six-stage process, including 10-day quarantine period, takes about 17 days to finish. Once they complete the process and no symptoms re-occur, they may be cleared to return fully back to their sport. Click here to read more about the Covid-19 Return to Play Process.



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